Last night in London, in front of a packed ball room of partying representatives of UK agriculture, Jamie Gwatkin – JVFG consultant – was awarded the Farmers Weekly Farm Adviser of the Year 2016.

Award for sound business advice

Heard to say that he could not have developed as an adviser without the loyalty – and challenges – from his clients, nevertheless it is what Jamie has given to the businesses he serves, such as the JVFG, that is recognised with this accolade.

JVFG Consultant Jamie Gwatkin receives Farmers Weekly Farm Adviser of the Year Award

JVFG Consultant Jamie Gwatkin receives Farmers Weekly Farm Adviser of the Year Award

According to the Farmers Weekly judging panel,  “it is the  diversity of businesses, a commitment to his clients and an analytical approach to problem solving are among the qualities that make Jamie Gwatkin stand out from the crowd as an agricultural consultant”.

Being an adviser is no easy task. When things go wrong – or less than perfect – the adviser gets the blame. When it goes right the farmer often takes the credit.

You reap what you sow

In an era where many in farming are looking for sound guidance and practical advice Jamie Gwatkin continues to provide invaluable benchmarking to JVFG members. The results of his number-crunching, and what it reveals about the business performance of those benchmarked, are always telling, sometimes painful and occasionally a delight.

Benchmarking brilliance

What Jamie Gwatkin delivers, season after season, is sharp and true. The meticulous record-keeping by JVFG members means he has the evidence to provide in-depth analysis of the costs of establishment and harvest.

JVFG Chairman Antony Pearce adds his congratulations. “It’s nice to see the skills we recognise in Jamie Gwatkin’s work with JVFG now also being seen by the wider farming community.”