From across the land, ten Joint Venture farming businesses decided to share their key resolutions for action in 2016. If success results from the “aggregation of incremental gains” then each of these steps is potentially a powerful part of even more progress.
  • Keep it shallow
Says Antony Pearce, Manor Farms LLP, about drilling. Although difficult to achieve when one team member believes it but the other does not!
  • Get the water away
Says Edward Hitchcock, Pelham Farming, as part of strategy against black grass.
  • Don’t ignore the mole plough
Says Nick Spixworth, Landsman Farming LLP, as he believes drainage can be better and is conducive to better yields.
  • Adjust the rotation
Says James Hamilton, Granta Farming, rather than be inflexibly stuck with poor performing crop successions.
  • Hold nerve with late drilling
Says Paul Garforth, Chalke Valley Farming, as Spring sown crops can better for black grass control.
  • Reduced traffic farming: it’s a tool not a religion.
Says Charles Matt, Brixworth Farming, who is considering this tactic as part of his strategy to improve soil structure and control black grass.
  • Sell barley forward
Says Jamie Symington, Symington Farms as with more Spring barley grown markets need securing.
  • Solve combine costs by putting whole farm down to AD crops
Says Tim Merry, JV Farming, with irony after wrestling with the cost of running the combine in 2015.
  • Manage staff more effectively
Says Russell Price, Samworth Farms, because good communication and team spirit is essential.
  • Know your costs
Says JVFG consultant Jamie Gwatkin otherwise you have no information to inform your decision-making and make progress towards better profitability.