Joint Venture Farming Group

The Joint Venture Farming Group (JVFG) formed in 2003 to serve the needs of a growing number of farmers who are involved with some form of collaboration at the primary production level.

Hear firsthand about the business benefits to JVFG members such as L. Symington FarmsPelham Farming Ltd,  Brixworth Farming, JV Farming, E.C. Drummond (Agriculture) Ltd , Manor Farms LLP and others in our news section.

JVFG Objectives

  • exchange knowledge and ideas between owners, managers and employees involved with joint venture farming
  • benchmark physical and financial performance to help drive down cost per tonne
  • guide policies that affect joint venture farming businesses through political lobbying (via the NFU)
  • influence machinery manufacturers
  • train directors and staff
  • explore potential commercial opportunities for the benefit of the group and members

JVFG Benchmarking

Businesses are able to compare their physical and financial data via the JVFG online data entry system giving a range of cost comparisons across operations and crops. By comparing costs, machinery, work rates and farming techniques groups are able to understand and drive down cost per tonne.

We meet together several times a year at JVFG events to hear independent analysis of our data and to have lively and useful discussions within the group on the steps to take to raise profitability.